Thursday, July 21, 2011

Burn OS X Lion DVD


Nuts and bolts:

1. Once you've pulled Lion down from the Mac App Store, right-click on the installer and select the option "Show Package Contents." This is your Mac's way of tearing the wrapping off a virtual install disk to access all the shiny bits (aka "files") inside.
2. Open the "Contents" folder, then look for a "SharedSupport" folder and open that. Inside, you'll find something called "InstallESD.dmg." This is the money file we're looking for (or the "master control program" if you're a Tron wonk).
3. Copy that file ("InstallESD.dmg") to a folder outside of the installer (your desktop works).
4. Open the "Utilities" folder on your Mac and launch "Disk Utility."
5. Select "Burn" from the "Images" menu option, or just click the yellow and black icon on the menu bar (which, disturbingly, looks just like the official symbol for nuclear activity).
6. Browse to wherever you copied "InstallEDG.dmg" and select that—drop in a writeable DVD, wait for it to burn, and presto, instant bootable OS X Lion DVD!

OS X right side of menu bar frozen

I am having a problem with my Mac where the right side of the menu bar will freeze when I run VMware. The problem is that my clock freezes and I lose track of time. While this isn't a solution for the overall problem, I found a fix that allows me to reset the menu bar and get my clock back on track. Simply run the following command in a Terminal:

killall SystemUIServer